The Importance of Proper Medicaid Planning — Part Three

Do you know the four factors you should be aware of when applying for Medicaid? They are your age, health considerations, personal finances and your own personal motivation behind applying in the first place.

In part three of this mini-series, David Pulcini and Ken Kraus look into a lot of the most common questions they are asked by people setting up their Medicaid, and help you to start planning for the future today.

David and Ken discuss:

  • The four factors that affect your eligibility for Medicaid in the future
  • How giving money to your kids might affect how much you could be eligible for
  • Why annuities can make this whole process harder than it already is
  • The three types of gifting that could affect your Medicaid
  • And more

Press the play button below to start listening to this podcast.

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