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Firm Overview

We at Evans Fox LLP enjoy the reputation of being both a highly skilled and hands-on law firm in Rochester, NY. We bring our extensive legal experience and tested professional skills to our client relationships so that you receive superb service.

Our law firm offers you key benefits that make our law firm unique. Our attorneys stay personally involved in your legal matters, remaining personally accessible to you, and we work with our clients to handle their matters in a cost effective manner. Our attorneys think outside the box to achieve optimum results for our clients in matters ranging from counseling business clients about changes in the law affecting their day to day and long term operations, to general litigation.

Our practice areas include commercial litigation, state and federal civil litigation, personal injury, labor law, matrimonial and family law, corporate and business law, commercial and residential real estate and lease matters, asset based transactions, trusts, estate planning, probate and administration, and elder law including long term care and Medicaid planning, and DWI and criminal defense.

Our firm tagline is Counsel for What Matters Most. It appears on every piece of correspondence sent and is meant to demonstrate that when clients choose to spend their hard-earned money for legal services it is usually on a matter foremost on their minds at the time. Whether the matter is simple or complex, routine or extraordinary, the firm honors the clients’ trust by recognizing the importance of each case.

Our Core Values

The core values we stand behind.

People seldom engage the services of an attorney and incur the expenses associated with that engagement unless there is something critical going on in their lives.  This particular value recognizes the importance of what is occurring in our clients’ lives and the trust that they have placed in us to assist them during the challenges facing them.
This particular principal and core value is relatively self-explanatory.  First and foremost, we are ethical in everything that we do and hold ourselves to the highest standard in that regard.  Our goal is to be honorable, forthright, and principled in all that we do in and out of the office, amongst one another and for our clients.  Excellence also is a principal to which we strive.  We want to be the best that we can be and provide the absolute highest standard of service to our clients when they seek legal counsel.
We see ourselves as lifelong learners.  Each and every day is an opportunity to learn something new, hone a process, gain more experience, create more efficiencies and overall to equip ourselves to better serve our clients.
To us taking care of one another means to support the efforts of our entire team both personally and professionally.  We believe this leads to a better work environment, a more effective work product, better service for our client, but mostly it is the right thing to do.

Our Attorneys

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Our History

August 2021

Website Redesigned

Our redesigned website has gone live!

February 2020

Online Payments

Started accepting online payments, reducing our carbon footprint with paperless billing & making payments easier for our clients.

January 2019

Celebrating 20 Years

The firm celebrates 20 years of service and has a celebratory logo designed for the year.

January 2017

New Office

Moved into new office at 100 Meridian Centre Blvd Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14618.

January 2017


“Evans & Fox LLP” becomes “Evans Fox LLP”.

January 1999


“Evans & Fox LLP” is formed by Richard Evans & Donald Fox.

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