Creating a rock star employee

Looking for rock star employees?  Whether you hire experienced bartenders and servers, or you bring them up through the ranks, you need to invest time and money into training to keep skills current and up to date with the latest trends.  While this seems obvious, few business owners actually carry through with regular training and tastings.  Food and drink trends change rapidly.  New alcohol products hit the market every week.  Those who don’t keep up will be left in the dust in the social media age.

Your training program should include:

  1. Customer service – (always improving).
  2. Mixology – the latest tastes and techniques.
  3. Craft brews.
  4. Wines.
  5. Food pairings.
  6. Learning the new menu items as they are introduced.
  7. Professional organization events.
  8. Understanding current industry issues that can present problems (fake ID, street drugs, bar fights, intoxication, and other issues encountered in this line of work).
  9. Purveyor/Distributor training/tastings.
  10. 10. Food vendor training/tastings.

There are additional benefits to providing regular training.  Your staff’s morale will improve and you will have less employee turnover.  This will certainly improve your bottom line and help retain loyal clientele who follow your rock stars.