Paris Hilton not Flattered by Imitation

Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton launched a line of fragrances and bath products in 2004. Last year, Perfume Palace unveiled its line of fragrance and beauty products called “Paris, Paris.” Paris Hilton alleges trade dress and trademark infringement on the basis that the newcomer is confusingly and deceptively similar to her well-known brand.

Let’s look at the products:

Paris Hilton Bottle - Design PatentParis Hilton Paris Paris Bottles


Paris Hilton

Paris Paris

  • Cylindrical shaped bottle
  • Clear pink and blue
  • Vertical black waive
  • Black, lowercase cursive font on silver back ground
  • Cylindrical bottle
  • Clear pink and Blue
  • Black wave
  • Black, lowercase cursive font on silver background

Paris Hilton has a strong case. In fact, in researching for this article, it was hard to find images of the alleged infringer. They appear to have already pulled it off the market.

Imitation is not always flattering. It can lead to legal action, especially by celebrities and brand owners with deep pockets. If you are treading in the territory where competitors might get anxious, work with our team to successfully design around your competitor to avoid liability for infringement of design patents, trade dress and copyright in your product packaging.