State Liquor Authority Application Denied?

State Liquor Authority Application Denied?

If you recently received a letter from the State Liquor Authority stating that your application for a liquor license was disapproved, you may be wondering about your options. There are generally 4 options: File a petition for reconsideration, request a disapproval hearing, file a new application or file an Article 78 Petition in Supreme Court. Each of these options has different advantages and deciding which route to take is a very fact and situation specific evaluation. Some situations require in-person testimony to refute the denial while others are better refuted with written evidence and arguments. Some situations are better addressed by filing an entirely new application addressing the purported error or omissions.

I have seen many situations that were strong cases for reversal but the applicant did not know the procedure to redress the denial. In some cases, the denial was based on a mistaken fact or conclusion of the Licensing Board or involved a principal that the applicant can remove from the entity and alleviate the disqualifying situation.

There are timelines as short as 30 days so a decision must be made promptly as it can take weeks for an attorney to prepare the required paperwork to file an appeal. Extensions are not available in most circumstances. If a liquor license is a critical asset to your business and revenue stream, investing in professional guidance may enable you to reverse the denial and acquire a license.

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