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Personal Injury

The litigation group at Evans Fox LLP is readily available to assist you with any type of personal injury claim, including claims arising from automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, assaults, and more.

Often times, personal injury claims can be complicated as there are many issues that arise both prior to and after a lawsuit is commenced.  Our attorneys are well experienced in handling complex issues of liability, damages (economic and non-economic), and in dealing with insurance companies, experts, health care providers, Medicare and Medicaid, and statutory liens.

Once we assess your claim, we can provide the proper advice and strategy necessary in pursuing a claim to its conclusion.  We are also able to advise you if a pre-lawsuit resolution is possible or whether formal litigation may be necessary.

Our goal is to properly evaluate and present your claim in the best way possible to maximize any recovery that you may be entitled.

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