Rochester Nuisance Points

Restaurants, bars and clubs in the City of Rochester must be aware of the nuisance point system.  Violations of most laws will also earn the owner nuisance points[1].  Twelve (12) points within six months or 18 points within 12 months can render the business a public nuisance and subject to an order of closure or up to a 6 month suspension of City issued licenses.  Below is a chart of the nuisance points associated with the most common offenses:




Controlled Substances Offenses
  Offenses Involving Marijuana
  Gambling Offenses
  Prostitution Offenses
  Violations of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property
  Violations of The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
  Violations of Firearms and other Dangerous Weapons
  Violations of Unlawfully Dealing with a Child
  Violations of Sexual Performance by a Child
  Violations of Vehicle Dismantlers
  Violations of Falsifying Business Records
  Violations of Forgery of and Illegal Possession of a Vehicle Identification Number
  Violations of Possession, use, sale or offer for sale of any alcoholic beverage or any cigarette or tobacco products where no stamp taxes were paid
  Violations of Welfare Fraud
  Violations of Criminal Diversion of Prescription Medications and Prescriptions
  Violations of Food Stamp Program Fraud
  Violations of Imitation Controlled Substances
  Violations of The Agriculture and Markets Law
  Operating Premises without the Requisite Business Permit
  Loitering in the First Degree and Loitering for the Purpose of Engaging in a Prostitution Offense
  Suffering or Permitting the Premises to Become Disorderly, including Suffering or Permitting Fighting or Lewdness
  Noise Violations


Refuse Collection Violations

Amusements Violations

Dangerous Articles Violations

Fire Prevention Code Violations

Property Code Violations

Zoning Violations

Allowing a Person on the Premises in Excess of Occupancy Limits

Sanitary Code Violations


Littering Violations

Howling Dogs, Number of Dogs, and Nuisances

Operating a business at the premises in a manner which causes it to be a source of disruption for the neighborhood and/or a focal point of police attention.


If you find yourself facing these issues, contact experienced legal counsel to defend your business.  Your livelihood is at stake.

[1]A public nuisance shall be deemed to exist whenever through violations of any of the following provisions resulting from separate incidents at a building, erection or place, or immediately adjacent to the building, erection or place as a result of the operation of the business, 12 or more points are accumulated within a period of six months, or 18 or more points within a period of 12 months, in accordance with the following point system.  Where more than one violation occurs during a single incident, the total points for the incident shall be the highest point value assigned to any single violation.