Palcohol: The Travelers Dream Drink

On March 10, 2015 Palcohol was officially approved by the TTB. The creator, Mark Phillips, is hoping for a summer 2015 release! Unfortunately, the NY Senate passed a bill in June of 2014 that will ban the product for New Yorkers.

Palcohol, powdered alcohol, is just that: A drink in powdered form. It can be snorted or consumed in its powder form, but this product is packaged in a “juice pouch” like container and is fantastic as it is durable enough to stand up on its own and even hold a lime wedge on its plastic casing. Each pouch contains one drink. The varieties so far include vodka, Puerto Rican rum, cosmopolitan, mojito, powderita (margarita), and lemon drop. One pouch is equal to one shot. You simply add water!

This is a drink you can carry in your bag when in powder form but consumers need to be aware that some states have outlawed the product. If you decide to give it a try, the hardly noticeable weight makes it perfect for a backpack on a day trip or a camp out. Gone are the days of lugging around bottles. Just put a couple of these pouches in your bag and you are set for a responsible night with your favorite drink!