Can’t Beat Them – Should You Join Them?

I was home sick one day this week and had the rare opportunity to sit in bed and watch TV all day. The national chains have some creative promotions that could inspire some competitive marketing by local independent restaurants. Why try to beat them when you can join them?

Olive Garden’s Buy One Take One promotion appeals to working single people who like to eat out rather than cook at home. The entrees include pasta dishes, a high profit margin offering so there is no loss on the BOTO food deal. The chain relies on its servers upselling appetizers, desserts, and wine to increase the per check revenue on every customer visiting for the promotion.

Romano’s Italian Grill’s $7/7 minute lunch and $9/9 minute dinner appeals to the fast casual market- the restaurant industry segment with the greatest growth. Fresh quality food that is not fast-food quality but served up with an “in and out” efficiency. Even better, the counter service translates to no tips, further appealing to the budget conscious consumers that are loyal to the fast casual eateries.

Consider it a free idea from the big advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments. Be inspired and make your own version. Report back on how it goes.