Organics On Store Shelves Taking Over – Take The Hint

Store shelves are being taken over by the organic segment. Even national giants like Coca Cola, Kelloggs, Campbells, and General Mills are moving into this territory, taking a lesson from Kodak’s refusal to be an early adopter of the future’s digital photography technology. Restaurants that do not embrace the fresh and healthy trend will go the way of the dinosaurs.

There will always be food fads and trends, but the eat healthier trend is here to stay. The medical community and government are pushing this agenda, slowly converting Americans to better food options. Consumers still flock to prepared food, but they are no longer willing to accept processed food substitutes. Americans want fresh ingredients. Tasty, fresh, and affordable.

Done right, this can be profitable for restaurants. Fresh ingredients come at a lower cost than prepared foods. The healthier trend also means more vegetables and whole grains and less meat. This can certainly help balance food costs. Additionally, the healthier trend means less sauces, reducing food costs, labor costs, and food preparation time.

There is no downside to adopting this food trend. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to revamp your menu.