Late liquor license renewals

What if you don’t renew your liquor license before it expires?

In this case, you will not be legally allowed to serve alcohol (or allow customers to BYOB) after midnight on the last date appearing on the license. Additionally, you will be required to submit a “late renewal petition” responding to 4 questions about the circumstances of the late renewal. A copy of the petition form is available on the State Liquor Authority website.

Truthful responses are required; however, a licensee should be aware that the answers could potentially be evidence in disciplinary proceedings with substantial fines, cancellation or revocation. A licensee should consult an experienced liquor license attorney to review its options and the potential risks.

Our office has submitted an inquiry to the State Liquor Authority to clarify its policy and procedure. The Licensing Unit officially states that these forms are not used in the disciplinary process. I have my doubts. I invite any licensees or attorneys who experience the use of this renewal form in disciplinary actions to post on this blog for others to learn.