Attention Uber and Lyft drivers!

Attention Uber and Lyft drivers! Want a leg up on your competition? Want more ride or delivery requests? You may be able to deliver food and beer orders through these online app services if you obtain a transportation permit from the State Liquor Authority. A transportation permit allows your registered vehicle to transport alcohol from a restaurant, pizzeria, or craft brewery with a retail license (some other businesses as well but we are focused on services such as UberEats) as long as the order includes food. Businesses that sell beer with an on-premises liquor license can also sell beer to go with food orders. Obtaining this credential allows you to accept delivery orders through UberEats that other drivers would not be able to legally accept. (We contacted UberEats and they had no corporate restriction against delivering beer with food orders.) Contact our office if you’d like to find out more about filing for a transportation permit for your vehicle.