Licensing Availability of PCT applications

As of January 2012, WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE website became an audience for patentees to offer their patent for license. To participate in this program, an applicant can file a PCT/IB/382 form. The patent applicant can also include a letter describing pertinent license terms and send it to the International Bureau (IB) by surface mail or fax to +41 22 338 8270 (or any specific fax number at the bottom of your PCT communications). Soon e-PCT can also be used for electronic filing of this request.

This may be submitted simultaneously with a new application, after the PCT/RO/105 has been received from the IB as receiving office, or after the PCT/IB/301 has been received from another designated receiving office.

The information will appear with the bibliographic data for the patent on PATENTSCOPE for the 30-month period of PCT pending proceedings.

An example letter might be:

 Licensing Availability Request

Date: 11 October 2012

Applicant: SMITH, John

International Application Number: US2012012345

International Filing Date: 1 January 2012

The applicant requests that the International Bureau indicate the availability for licensing of the inventions in the above referenced patent application.

The applicant is willing to license on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis in all countries except the United States.

The general licensing terms would be: 5 year term; 5% royalty with minimum royalty.

Licensees should contact the following person:

John Smith
ABC Company
123 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10000
[email protected]
+11 22 33 44 55 6                                                                  


John Smith