Bob Brown

Bob Brown’s books are an investment worth making. He teaches that managers and servers that guests return time and time again when you create a relationship with them. Some of his advice is remarkably simple: Learn interesting food facts and trivia. Highlight other key staff members – bartenders, managers, hostesses and buspeople. Make a connection between the guest and your entire team.

Need some conversation starters? He has many: tell them about the history of the restaurant or an item on the menu. Share interesting information about the owners or the chef and their inspiration for signature items on the menu. Share what inspired the theme/style of the cuisine. Are there any recipes (that are) handed down family recipes? Did the chef train in another country or work at a world class restaurant in the past? Does the chef put a healthy or locally sourced ingredient twist on classic dishes? How did the owner and chef meet? Does the owner have a favorite menu item? Do some of the restaurant foods come from somewhere special?