5 ways you can train your staff to become true professionals

Training staff is key to success in any business and it reduces employee turnover while increasing morale and job satisfaction. How can you train your staff to become true professionals? Here are five ways to encourage professional development of your service team:

1.     Subscribe to industry magazines and make them available in the break room.

2.     Send staff to trade shows, wine tastings, conferences or seminars to improve their skills and industry knowledge.

3.     Ask food and beverage purveyors to offer on-site training about key products.

4.     Buy books about food and encourage staff to read them. Offer a bonus for reading the book and putting the new knowledge to work in their job.

5.     Encourage staff to network with other industry members and competitors to see what is happening around town in your industry and market. Sharing information is a sign of a professional and industry leader.