April Video – Do you need an employee handbook?


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Do you need an employee handbook?


​Explore some of the reasons to have one if you own a business and what they should say. 


Hi, my name is Matt Piston, and I am a partner at Evans Fox. This installment of our monthly series is about employee handbooks.


Regardless of the size of your business, an employee handbook is essential for both the employer and the employee.


An employee handbook is an important tool for welcoming the employee to the company and explaining the company’s expectations of the employee, but it will also define a business’ policies and procedures for addressing everything from sexual harassment, to vacation time and sick time, to overtime. A clear and well drafted employee handbook may prevent conflicts with employees from developing in the future.


In some cases, the terms of an employee handbook may be required by law and having a signed acknowledgment from employees that they have received the handbook may assist an employer in the event it finds itself in litigation down the road.


Whether you need an employee handbook drafted from scratch or would like a current handbook reviewed for compliance with various laws and regulations, there are several attorneys here at Evans Fox that can assist you.


Evans Fox LLP can create an employee handbook for your company for $2,500.00.  Please call for terms and conditions.