May Video – What should you consider when leasing residential ​property?

What should you consider when leasing residential


​We will discuss issues landlords face when they lease residential properties.


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I am also an owner and operator of a local real estate company. With the pandemic still having lingering effects on the court system and what seems to be the never-ending passage of tenant-friendly laws, it is more important than ever for landlords to be diligent in the protection of their asset. It is critical that every landlord understand the Fair Housing laws and the requirements imposed by New York’s Real Property laws. It is equally important to have a written lease agreement that clearly spells out the understanding and obligations of the landlord and the tenant, including the payment of rent, the return and/or retention of the security deposit, the services to be provided, repairs, required inspections, utilities, pets, termination of the lease agreement and other items.

If you have questions or concerns about the laws surrounding being a landlord or questions regarding a lease agreement, it would be our honor to help you.