Wine-Tapa – a Hot Item for your Tasting Room Retail Shop

Wine tasting rooms can account for the majority of a small winery’s retail sales. Offering unique wine oriented products will keep the customers in your tasting room longer, and spending more money. A newer product, the Wine-Tapa® [Link: ]  is an accessory that covers the top of a wine glass to protect the wine from gnats, fruit flies, bees, mosquitoes and other insects.

The circular hard plastic disk has a wire mesh center that allows the wine to aerate while keeping out insects. The underside has a soft foam gasket to seal out insects. The Wine-Tapa® can be customized with your logo if you order 100 tapas. The online retail price is $5.10 each, leaving room for a good mark-up.

Tell us if you have come across other unique or interesting wine oriented products. If you sell the Wine-Tapa, tell us how it is selling. We’d love to hear from you.