What can you do with a farm distillery license?

You can make whatever distilled spirit you like. The recipe is largely up to you as long as you use primarily New York farm and food products as ingredients (other than water).

You can bottle the liquor you make for sale in containers of one quart or less

You can sell directly to consumers, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores, to wholesalers, and to other farm distilleries, wineries, and breweries, at farmers’ markets, the New York State Fair, and many county fairs.

Consumer sales need to be face-to-face. Internet, telephone, and mail order sales aren’t possible under the current law. Proposed changes may give this ability in the next year.

You can hold tastings, in your tasting room, or elsewhere (including farmers’ markets and fairs).

You can sell in bulk to other distilleries and wineries for use in combined spirits, like fruit brandies.

You can add a farm distillery to another distillery, a winery, or farm winery. You may not be able to add the farm distillery to a brewery though.

You can also have a separately licensed restaurant on the same premises as the farm distillery that can serve beer, wine, and liquor.