Understanding branch offices for New York’s farm ALCOHOL manufacturers

If you hold a farm license, you may operate up to five additional branch offices located away from the licensed farm production facility. If you hold two farm licenses (ex. A farm winery and a farm brewery), you can operate up to 10 additional locations. You must apply and be approved, but there is no additional licensing fee for these additional locations because they are  considered  part  of the licensed premises and all  activities allowed at the farm production facility may  be  conducted  at  the branch offices. This includes manufacturing, tasting, storage of alcohol and sales.

Such branch offices shall not be located within,  share a common entrance and exit with, or have any  interior  access  to  any  other  business,  including  premises  licensed  to  sell alcoholic  beverages at retail. In other words, it must be physical separated and have its own separate entrance. One building with two separate rooms, each with its own entrance will comply.