Time to Try Russian Grape Varietals and Blends

Jason Feulner’s article “East or West Home is Best” in the June Life In the Finger Lakes introduces McGregor Vineyards and its successful experiment with grape varieties typical to Ukraine, Republic of Georgia, Armenia and Romania. I never knew that the Finger Lakes’ climate was similar to that of Eastern Europe, or that Dr. Konstantin Frank researched and experimented with these regional grape varieties.

Expanding the region’s wine profile is welcome to add variety to our local products, especially to red wine lovers such as myself. I am glad to learn about this Finger Lakes trail blazer. As I visit my clients along Keuka Lake, I will make a point of stopping in for a tour and tasting. I’ll also be recommending my “locally sourced” restaurants to check out their Black Russian Red. New York has world class Reisling and Gewurztraminer but we’re relatively new along the learning curve for red wines that rival California’s offerings. This sounds like a real contender.