Taking your business into the cloud: Virtual tasting event for wineries and microbreweries

Small wineries and microbreweries produce world class products but can be relatively unknown because of the limited budget and time available for brand promotion. Brewmasters and winemakers are often wearing many hats at the business, and production can take priority over marketing activities.

What about a virtual wine or beer tasting event? By shipping the wine or beer to the participants, you can share the personal experience of a private tasting without leaving home. You can serve participants in several locations simultaneously and create a small community of brand loyal followers.

A group of wineries or microbreweries along at winery or microbrewery trail could showcase the region to those who have not made the trip in person or even to restaurants or liquor stores that are expanding their New York wine and craft beer selections.

Technology can bring new opportunities. It can level the playing field in some of your grass roots marketing endeavors. It is hard to make an impact in traditional marketing channels with a shoe-string budget. You can now reach out to your customers on a personal level with even the smallest of budgets. I encourage you to embrace it and use it to help you do what you love to do most, making wine and beer.