Self-Serve Beer and Wine Systems Increase Sales While Decreasing Labor Costs

There are new dispensing systems that incorporate a do-it-yourself approach for customers to serve themselves wine and beer during their visit. These systems are an initial investment, but they will pay for themselves in a short time. They eliminate wasted product, eliminate losses for over-pouring and lower labor costs for serving staff. They can also help prevent over-consumption by limiting the amount of alcoholic beverage served to each customer (usually 2 drinks).

These systems allows customers to use a card — similar to a credit card — to serve themselves wine from the machine during their meal. When they settle the check, the tab from the card is added to the bill. Another common scenario is where the customer buys a gift card from the server or hostess, puts the gift card in the machine and sets it for a 1-, 3- or 6-ounce pour. The machine deducts the amount from the card as you pour.