Public Safety and the SLA

Bar and Club owners should take notice that the State Liquor Authority is cracking down on rowdy late night establishments. When the police are called on numerous times to a licensed establishment, or for disorderly or violent conduct nearby in the streets and parking lots, disciplinary action is likely. If the problems are caused by the club’s patrons, action by the Liquor Authority may be swift, and include a suspension to close down the establishment or prohibition against the sale or consumption of alcohol at the premises.  The local police or municipality can contact the Liquor Authority to request action when they believe a premise is not in the public interest because of how it is supervised and operated. Violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, include assault, disorderly premises, becoming a focal point for police attention, and inadequate supervision.

“The SLA will not tolerate violent bars that drain police resources,” said SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen. “We want to send a message that this agency will not hesitate to take a license when a bar poses a threat in public health and safety.”