New York State Liquor Authority

Any time that alcoholic beverages are legally dispersed to individuals within the bounds of New York State, a permit or license must first be obtained from the New York State Liquor Authority.  This applies regardless of whether the beverages themselves are being given away or donated; whether the event is open to the public or private in nature; whether this is taking place on a licensed premises or not.

We handle all retail liquor license applications, including those necessary for bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, seasonal concessions, liquor stores and specialty wine stores.  We also represent our clients in all matters which arise throughout the lifetime of their liquor license, including the resolution of disciplinary matters, filing of renewal applications, filing the various alterations and change applications that may be required, and the transfer of a license in the event that the business is sold.

Additionally, we can obtain advisory opinions from the State Liquor Authority with regard to proprietary and novel concepts that fall within the bounds of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws.