New Food Product Label Guidelines


New Food Product Label Guidelines

The FDA is expected to issue new food product label guidelines by the end of 2016. Changes will include updates to the nutrition facts and regulatory definitions for words like “natural” and “healthy.” This is something for craft beverage manufacturers should keep a watch for because the FDA has jurisdiction over alcoholic products below 7% ABV except malt beers. This includes ciders, malternatives, hard sodas, hard lemonades, non-malt beers, wine products and wine specialties.

FDA guidelines require ingredients listings and nutritional facts. These label elements are not required on TTB regulated alcoholic beverage labels.

Label design can be confusing since craft cider producer may have same labels under TTB jurisdiction for hard ciders between 7% and 8.5% ABV and under FDA regulation for its ciders below 6.9% ABV. Working with professionals can ensure your labels meet all regulatory requirements for your entire beverage portfolio.



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