Home delivery of alcoholic beverages

Grocery store licenses and wholesale beer licensees (“C licenses”) can deliver beer to retail customers (usually to individuals at home).  Wholesale beer licenses can also deliver beer and cider to other retailers (grocery stores, drug stores, bars, restaurants and clubs are the most common retail customers).  These licensees are permitted to engage in internet sales and home deliveries of beer and cider so long as they comply with all other aspects of the law.  Liquor and wine stores can deliver liquor and wine (and engage in internet sales of these products) to retail customers (individuals for personal use).

Each license delivering alcoholic beverages has a brick and mortar store operating in New York and delivery is a service extension of the physical location.  A “delivery only” business model is not currently allowed in New York.  There is also a prohibition against a single retailer selling/ delivering both beer and wine or beer and spirits.