Glass shape affects alcohol consumption

In an article called “Glass Shape Influences Consumption Rate for Alcohol Beverages” (PLOS ONE, August 17, 2012), Angela Attwood the results of an experiment measuring whether the rate of consumption was affected by the shape of the glass.

They concluded that a curved, flute-style beer glass caused people to drink more because the halfway point was misjudged more so than with a straight glass with parallel sides. Participants were slower to consume when the alcohol beverage was presented in a straight glass compared to a curved glass. Interestingly, this was not observed when soft drinks were served or when only a half glass of alcohol beverage was served.

20130322 Glass shape affects consumption

If a bar is trying to reduce the rate of intoxication, it might consider changing the glasses it uses to serve beer and other cocktail drinks, opting for glasses without curved or angled side walls. If a bar is trying to sell more beer, it should serve beer in Pilsner or fluted-style beer glasses.