Free information for those investigating a New York vineyard site

Vineyards historically have about a 25 year life. The infrastructure and land investment is substantial, so owners want to select the best sites to locate new plantings. There are some newer grape hybrids that fare well in subzero climates, but not all areas in New York State are sustainable for quality commercial grape growing. While New York has some great grape growing regions, some parts of the state are too cold in the winter, are frost-prone or do not have enough heat and light for premium grape growing. How do you find this out?

Those looking to invest in a vineyard site in New York State have a great resource at their fingertips. Visiting, a potential buyer can evaluate many factors and features of the climate and soil without the expense of private environmental and vineyard consultants at this early stage. The website features macroscopic views of grape growing regions in the state and site specific data on winter low temperatures, growing season length, soil chemistry, soil texture, slope of the land and drainage capabilities. That allows the investor to use its resources on the sites that pass an initial review of basic features necessary for a successful vineyard.

This preliminary review of potential New York sites can be completed online at no cost. The site is the result of a collaborative project between Cornell University, the Institute for Geospatial Technologies and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. This tool brings together information from many state, university and federal sources, greatly simplifying the process, and reducing the time and expense for these preliminary studies.

With this information, potential buyers can perform a more extensive review of the best sites and make an informed decision about where to plant and what type of grapes to plant. Once you find a great site, contact our office to help with the acquisition and permitting processes.