Contrary to What You May Have Heard, Farm Breweries Need an On-Premise License to Sell NY Wine by the Glass

In speaking with farm brewers, I have learned that the Authority has given inconsistent answers on whether they can serve wine by the glass at the brewery without an additional on-premise license. I understand some local distributors will sell wine to farm breweries and some will not, presumably also receiving contradictory answers. I read the law and it seemed clear to me, so I asked the authority directly, and here is the response:

Can a farm brewery sell NY wine by the glass under the farm brewery license and no additional on-premises license? No.
Can it sell NY hard cider by the glass? Yes.

Farm brewers can conduct tasting of NYS labeled liquor, NYS labeled wine, NYS labeled beer, and NYS labeled cider and sell each of those products by the bottle for off premise consumption. To sell wine and liquor for on-premise consumption, a brewer is required to hold an on-premise eating establishment license.