A client with three felony and several misdemeanor convictions wanted to apply for a liquor license.  The business was a strip club, making the situation even more complex.  He had been told it was impossible to get a liquor license with his criminal history.  He contacted Tracy Jong and learned that it would be a difficult, but not entirely impossible, endeavor to obtain a New York retail on-premises liquor license.  Tracy Jong worked with the client to prepare a liquor license application package that was positioned for allowance by the Licensing Board.  A Certificate of Relief of Disabilities was obtained for each felony conviction and a Certified Disposition was obtained for each arrest.  An argument was made that the client had been rehabilitated and had turned his life around.  He had more than a decade of being a law abiding and productive citizen.  Letters describing the client’s character and rehabilitation were collected and submitted with the application, together with a strong management plan.

To make matters worse, the client was arrested and convicted of an assault misdemeanor in connection with a messy divorce matter while the application was pending.  The arrest and conviction were reported to the Liquor Authority.

The application was granted in eleven (11) weeks.

If you have a criminal background, some circumstances may still allow you to hold a liquor license or work at a place that serves alcohol.  To learn more about your unique situation, contact our office for a free appointment.