CASE STUDY – Lack of Off-Street Parking

A client wanted to open a tavern in a section of the city where available off-street parking was limited.  The city would not issue a business permit if there were not a specified number of parking spaces for the premises’ maximum occupancy.  The client called Tracy Jong to learn about available options to open at this location because the rent was affordable and the location was ideal.

Tracy helped her client file for a special use permit application seeking a waiver of the parking space requirement.  Tracy Jong reviewed city traffic and parking studies to determine the actual traffic and parking experience in the neighborhood where the client wanted to open his tavern.  Tracy also obtained mass transit maps of the neighborhood (bus schedules and stops) and the operating hours of other businesses on the block.  With this data, arguments were made that the parking situation was unlikely to be impacted by the operation of the tavern because the tavern’s prime hours were after 5:00 PM and after the other businesses on the block were closed.  Arguments were also made that the vast majority of residents in this neighborhood did not own vehicles, rather, relied on city buses.  Thus, the several bus stops within two blocks of the tavern in several directions mitigated the need for some or all of the estimated parking needs of the premises.

The parking space waiver was successfully obtained, and both a business license and liquor license were issued for the tavern operation.

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