Can wine and liquor stores give away free alcohol in holiday promotions?

The Authority has confirmed that a holiday promotion such as “Buy 2 bottles, get a 3rd free” is compliant with ABC laws. Similarly a BOGO offer on Black Friday will not violate any laws. Restrictions against free alcohol give aways are limited to on-premise retail licensees.  “BOGO” offers are not prohibited for off-premises licensees.  As long as contests or social media promotions comply with the state’s regulations for games of chance, a wine and liquor store can offer promotions with alcohol give aways. (Raffles, on the other hand, are impermissible gambling in the eyes of the Authority.)

Wine and liquor stores are also permitted to donate alcohol to charities. There are limits, however, in that the alcohol may be included in gift baskets or raffles but not served for consumption. At charitable events with on-premises consumption, the Authority requires that alcohol served be sourced from wholesalers and not retailers.