Applicants and Licensees are experiencing tremendous delays at the New York State Liquor Authority

The New York State Liquor Authority has announced that it is experiencing significant delays in processing applications. The busy tourism season in New York increases the application volume and they have just launched a new licensing system and new application forms. Add in summer vacations and you have a recipe for long lines and delays.

Based on our experience, applicants are experiencing processing times of at least a month longer than they were in the Spring. Some applications we are seeing processing times of at least two months longer.

For example, an application mailed on June 30 was not even entered into the system and marked “received/filed” until July 18. So, things mailed in are not even being looked at for almost 3 weeks.

Cases where there was a conditional approval can be issued as soon as the conditional items are supplied to the SLA. We have experienced that the license was not processed and mailed for 1-2 weeks after the items were emailed to the conditional approval email address. There is no real way to get any status or information from the Authority when you call the call center. Thus, we are recommending that all applicants pick up the license in person and the zone office to avoid delays in receiving their license.

Many businesses that rely on selling alcoholic beverages during the short tourist season in New York are being adversely impacted by these delays. Be sure to build this situation into your timeline for launching your new business. Don’t schedule grand openings or other operations and events until ou have a firmer timeline for license issuance.

The Tracy Jong Law Firm team can help your business obtain a permit for the production or sale of alcoholic beverages with the SLA and TTB by working with you to accurately complete your license application in a timely manner. We have significant experience working with small companies, as well as state and federal alcohol beverage agencies. For more information about our services, and how we can assist your company, please contact us at [email protected].