A Case Study in Great Branding: Penny Wise; A Red Wine from the Other Guys


Penny Wise Pinot Noir, a California red varietal bearing the tag line “California Smart Wine” from The Other Guys Winery in Napa, California. The wine name conveys a lot about the brand. In Trademark law, we call it the “commercial impression” created by the mark. The trade name conveys a prudent investment, a good buy for the money. The label is small and simple, devoid of a lot of color and elaborate design. This strengthens the message of “no frills, just the basics.” With a retail price point of around $10, this is an example of great marketing. It is also an example of trade dress and trade name working in concert to build the brand identity. This was no accident, but the product of an excellent strategy. This would not be a good for a wine with a price point over $20, but it is perfect for a mid-priced wine.

What is the message behind your brand? What does your wine name or tag line say about your product? What does your bottle and label design say to a potential buyer?