5 Tips to avoid underage sales

The Liquor Authority has been actively conducting sting operations across the state in an effort to curb the sale of alcohol to minors.  Below are 5 best practices you can implement to minimize the chance of being caught for underage sales:

  1. If you have a group of young people where some are over 21 and some are underage, you should consider refusing service of alcohol to the entire party.
  2. Consider implementing a record keeping system, purchasing scanners or using video surveillance of the dining room and bar areas for proof of carding of your patrons who appear to be under 30.
  3. Train your staff to not only look at, but also to feel the ID for pinholes, glue lines, bumpy surfaces, or uneven thicknesses.
  4. Do not let your staff accept expired IDs of any kind.
  5. Inquire about the patron’s age – be creative such as asking about graduation year or other indicators (not just year of birth) which has been rehearsed by the underage user.

First time offenses are around $3,000.  Subsequent offenses will have increased fines.  Multiple offenses within a 5 year period may result in revocation or refusal to renew the license. Experienced Liquor Authority attorneys can help protect your rights and business investments if you are charged with underage sales and facing disciplinary action by the Liquor Authority.