Knucklehead Craft Brewery: more than just great beer!

By Lisa Castaneda

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Webster to visit Knucklehead brewery. Being a Churchville native I don’t always venture past the city but after meeting the owners of Knuckleheads at a seminar I had to see what it was all about.

While parking isn’t the easiest on a busy Friday night, it was still walking distance in heels to get to the brewery. Upon entering, I was immediately put at ease. It was like walking into your own living room complete with music playing and comfy couches. The bar was beautiful with a shine that mirrored the different glasses offered. The chalk boards behind showed the beers on tap complete with price per glass which is always helpful as sometimes it can be a guessing game on what you are paying for. I was so happy they offered a taste before I bought the full glass. While all of their beers are amazing, as with any beer drinker you find the one that tickles your senses. For me it was their Kick It 2x IPA. This seasonal brew is not only smooth and delicious but 100% of the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society to help kick cancers butt! I then had their Knockout Stout. This brew is my new favorite. It had the most amazing hints of coffee and caramel it was like my tongue had never tasted a beer so delicious.

Not only will you get to drink some fantastic beers but you will also have the atmosphere to match the mood. A good beer for me involves music, a fireplace, and good conversation all of which are provided. On this particular Friday, Len, Kathy, Jake and Josh were behind the bar and they are an incredibly vivacious family! Their knowledge about brewing and taste will help you to find your perfect complement from the taps. Their dynamic behind the bar was professional and fun at the same time giving a warm feeling to all those around. You felt like YOU were part of their family for the night.

When you leave you know you will be back so it is just see-you-later instead of goodbye. This Brewery will hold its own in the years to come and I can say without a doubt it was one of the best experiences at a Craft Brewery I have ever had.