10 Changes to the New York State Retail Liquor License Application

  1. The Financial Disclosure has been changed.  The Liquor Authority has simplified the application and clarified who is required to submit personal questionnaires.
  2. The standard municipal notice has been changed to provide disclosure of adult entertainment at the premises such as bikini bars, topless dancing or nude dancing.
  3. The necessary drawings have been more clearly defined and require a drawing of each floor on a single 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.  The instructions have clarified what should be shown on each drawing and example drawings are included in the application.
  4. Only color copies of Photo ID, Passports, Visas and other proof of citizenship will be accepted.
  5. The period to respond to deficiency notices is cut in half from 20 days to 10 days.
  6. Email is required for all applicants and attorneys.  It will be the primary means of communication.
  7. Attorney certification of non-citizens proof of citizenship documents is no longer required. Color copies of passports and visas are sufficient.
  8. Labelling of photographs submitted in hard copy is more specific to help the Examiner correlate the photos to the drawings.
  9. The procedure for the electronic submission of photos has been detailed.
  10. Many of the questions have been eliminated to focus on the critical issues and avoid bureaucratic paper pushing.