Six Reasons to Add Hard Cider to Your Drink Menu

1.            Keep up with culinary trends.

2.            Generate more sales revenue.

3.            Differentiate yourself by offering something different than your competitor.

4.            New York Alcohol Beverage Control Law Section 59 permits retail beer licenses to sell hard cider for both on and off premises consumption.  This also allows restaurants and bars that deliver food to include beer and hard cider (not wine) in a food delivery order.

5.            New York Law also allows you to offer growler refills for your customers to drink at the establishment or take to go.  What a great opportunity to generate repeat walk-in traffic!


6.            It gives you a way to establish a relationship with a few New York craft beer and cidery producers to become an additional place for its customers to buy their favorite beverages. Even better, begin a cross-referral marketing initiative.  (Each business can refer its customers to the other.  “Hey, if you like this beer, the brewery is located at 123 Main St.  You should stop in and try their Oktoberfest Saison.”  “If you like this beer, Beerology carries it on tap.  They have the best burgers in town.  You should stop in sometime.  You won’t be disappointed.”)

I encourage you to explore these ideas and other ways to share in the hard cider boom.