Bob Brown’s Suggestive Selling

To be a professional, you must know every item on the menu and how it is prepared. There is no substitute for knowledge. Customers will ask about how dishes are prepared and specific ingredients (to avoid food allergies, or for religious reasons, for example).

Be prepared to answer questions like:

·       Does that contain wheat?

·       Are there mushrooms in that?

·       What do you have that is vegetarian or vegan? Know your vegetarian food items, and the difference between vegan and vegetarian.

·       Can you leave out the shrimp?

·       Can that be made without butter?

·       Which item has the least fat?

·       Which item has the least carbs?

Be prepared to suggest substitutes and alternatives, especially for dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Know your pork-free and beef-free items and about mainstream religious observances.

These details define the difference between professionals and the rest. The professional makes much more money and develops a following of regular customers.

Industry professionals, are there other things that you encounter frequently from customers? Share your most frequent, or most unusual, customer inquiries about the menu.