5 Ideas for Taking Restaurant Service to the Next Level

1.     Spotlight your chef to customers: “Back in the kitchen we have Chef Louis from the Culinary School X to prepare a signature meal for you this evening.”

2.     Have your chef prepare a plate of raw meat and seafood to use as a table prop to entice guests to order premium menu items. People tend to buy what they see.

3.     Work in a team with the entire front of house staff. Help any customer who ask rather than respond with “I’ll get your waiter.” Help carry large table orders so guests don’t have to wait to begin eating until everyone is served.

4.     Remember good etiquette. When on the left, serve and clear with your left hand. On the right side, use your right hand. This avoids unintentionally putting your armpit in the guest’s face. Handle glassware on the bottom half at all times. Customers don’t like the idea of fingerprints near the rim.

5.     When a guest gets up to go to the restroom, bring a clean folded napkin and clear any dishes.