Collaborations between Craft Breweries and Musicians

Music is a passion of many brewers and is spawning a new trend of collaborations between brewers and music artists. Sam Calagione launched his Music Series at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in 2010. Stumke introduced a “Sensory Series.” Ska Brewing and Lost Abbey are among other brewers who have married music and beer.

These can be wildly successful endeavors but require carefully crafted agreements concerning ownership and use of the names, logos and other proprietary rights involved for both the musicians and the brewery. The music artist has rights in his or her name and image. Rights to music and album cover artwork maybe owned by the record label.  The brewery has rights in its creative naming and label artwork.  You want the publicity that a celebrity can bring your brand, not the bad press of a lawsuit over infringement would bring.

If your craft brewery is contemplating collaboration with a celebrity, sports figure or musician, you’ll want experience and advice along the way.  Our firm has experience in copyright, trademark, liquor license and contracts – the perfect blend of skills to ensure a smooth process for everyone.