Tracy Jong on the Debbie Nigro Show: CBD Hoopla

The Debbie Nigro Show

Need Help Understanding All This CBD Hoopla? Me Too! Luckily I Found Just the Gal! Tracy Jong joins me today at 11:20 am eastern. Her Tracy Jong Law Firm in Rochester NY. is immersed in and well versed in this topic, as well as cannabis related laws for those seeking to get into the business. In her blog below Tracy makes the laws surrounding CBD clear…”The marketing and labeling rules surrounding CBD products are incredibly complex and nuanced. CBD businesses should consult with attorneys to minimize the potential liability of introducing their product and ensure the legally defensible labeling and marketing of their products.”

Tracy Jong is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Western District and Southern District of New York (federal court) and the State Bar of New York. In addition to a doctorate of law, Tracy has scientific and technical training in the chemical arts as well as many years of private legal practice and government experience. Tracy is active in all core practice areas of the firm: Patent, Trademark, Restaurant/Bar, Winery/Microbrewery & Liquor Law. Tracy is active in many professional and community organizations.