December Video – Do you need a trademark?

​December 2023 – Evans Fox Video Series


​What are the advantages of having your trademark and why is it necessary?

Hello. My name is Tracy Jong and I am a Senior Attorney at Evans Fox.

Today we are going to discuss trademarks. Two important issues to consider when conducting business are whether you should register your trademark and confirming your brand is not infringing on someone else’s trademarks.

So, what is a trademark? Trademarks are words or images that represent your brand and that customers use to find your business when they want to buy

your product or service.

Some of the advantages of federal trademark registration include:

  •  Minimizing the risk that you would need to rebrand down the line incurring costs to change your signs, website, packaging and stationery.
  • ​The exclusive right to use the mark in the US in connection with the goods and services in your registration
  • The ability to stop competitors from using the same or confusingly similar marks
  • The ability to prevent counterfeit products from being imported into the US
  • ​Advantages in litigation against those infringing on your trademark

If you are interested in protecting your business’s trademarks, give Evans Fox a call. We’d be honored  to assist you.