Simple Ways To Modify Your Popular Recipes To Be Healthier

We’re always on an unending search for ways to improve the nutrition, lower calories and appeal to the healthier food movement without sacrificing the savory flavor and aroma of our favorite foods. Whether it is about eliminating ingredients or substituting them with healthier alternatives, it doesn’t have to be hard.  Your establishment can be an option for those with diet restriction but want to regularly eat out if you take some easy steps to modify your menu items.

Are you confused with how you can adapt your menu and recipes without sacrificing taste? Fret not, because we are about to show you how to modify recipes easily.

Eight Gluten-Free Swaps

  1. Black beans instead of flour – a can of drained and rinsed black beans in brownies will eliminate the gluten while boosting protein. Substituting black beans for flour is ideal when baking darker colored foods like those with chocolate.
  2. Quinoa for couscous – as a whole-grain superfood, quinoa is a highly nutritious ingredient that, when used in the place of couscous, makes the food healthier. (Couscous is a product of processed wheat flour and thus contains gluten.)
  3. Replace bread crumbs with ground flaxseeds – when ground and mixed with herbs, flaxseeds make a great alternative for wheat-based bread crumbs.
  4. Corn for wheat – gluten-free food lovers can enjoy Tacos, corn tortillas, and cornbread.
  5. Zoodles or veggie spaghetti for pasta noodles – there’s no need for having carb-packed portions of pasta when you can simply saute flavorful veggies for a few minutes and enjoy your Zoodles.
  6. Lettuce leaves as an alternative of tortilla wraps.
  7. Veggies as an accompaniment instead of pita – in vegetables, you have killer dippers with hummus, fewer carbs, and more nutrients.
  8. Nuts for croutons for that crunchy taste on your salad (try slivered almonds or walnuts.)

Lower-Sugar Swaps;

  1. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar – if you need some sweetness without sugar, try Unsweetened applesauce.
  2. Natural peanut butter instead of reduced-fat peanut butter (reduced-fat peanut butter has more sugar, along with many other artificial additives.)
  3. Stevia for sugar – because natural sweetener stevia is over 3,000 times sweeter.
  4. Vanilla extract, instead of granulated sugar – use half the usual amount of sugar and use more vanilla when baking cookies.
  5. Cinnamon for cream and sugar in coffee – warm and cozy coffee made using cinnamon instead of sugar and cream is yet another healthy alternative.

Vegan Swaps

  1. Try some avocado purée instead of butter on your bread, pasta or vegetables.
  2. Banana or coconut ice cream instead of ice cream – no milk, no cream, no butter, no sugar?
  3. Olive oil for butter when you need to fry or sauté.
  4. Coconut milk instead of cream – thick and creamy, but natural and healthy.
  5. Mashed bananas or avocados for bacon fat.

Reduced Sodium Swaps

1.    Herbs or citrus juice instead of salt if you would like to get a better, fresher taste.

2.    Homemade salad dressing rather than prepared commercial ones

3.    Fresh tomatoes in the place of ketchup

Other ways to modify Recipes

  • Sweet potato fries will provide more vitamins and fiber
  • Potatoes and not potato chips.
  • Dark and leafy greens for lettuce
  • Brown rice for white rice
  • Don’t fry, just grill, bake, microwave, poach or roast
  • Use greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise