Another restaurant and retail store chain sued for website ADA violations

Maria Mendizabal has sued Burger King and Morton Williams grocery store chains for ADA violations of the company’s website, alleging that she was prevented from gaining information such as store locations, hours and pricing. She claims the websites are not properly designed for use by legally blind consumers who can only access the internet through screen-reading software that reads the words on the screen out loud to the user. This software cannot “read” images and other non-text elements unless they are made compatible and programmed with text designed for screen-reading software.

Restaurants and bars have been found to be places of public accommodation and therefore required to comply with ADA. The suits are increasing across the country.

These suits are currently aimed at chains with multiple units, but all business owners in the hospitality industry should look at reviewing, and if needed, updating, their websites in 2018 to be sure they are compatible with screen-reading software.