Is a Chain Restaurant a Good Choice for You?

You have decided to open a restaurant, but aren’t sure whether a franchise or an independent establishment is a better option. Choosing between a chain restaurant or an independent restaurant should be motivated by what your goal is for owning a restaurant. If this is a pure investment, that is, primarily a convenient vehicle for making money, a chain restaurant may be the best option. Chain restaurants have turn-key operations with menus, procedures, theme décor and food suppliers. This shortens the learning curve and provides a ready customer market. However, it also limits your ability to make certain decisions about operations since your franchise agreement will require you adhere to operational standards.

The International Franchise Association’s 2013 Franchise Business Economic Outlook reports that franchise businesses grow and create jobs faster than other businesses. It also shows the track record for franchise businesses is upwardly growing, outpacing other small business growth. Franchises have the best chance for profitability.

If you are chasing your dream of operating a restaurant, an independent restaurant will be more appealing. You have the freedom to be creative and implement any menu and theme that interests you. You can create your own vision, procedures, hours and standards. You have a blank canvas to paint your dream. These are personally rewarding businesses for many restaurateurs.

If you like history and tradition, you may consider opening a one of a kind destination restaurant. These are generally off the beaten path and attract customers because of uniquely renovated buildings and legendary local menu items. Owning a landmark establishment creates an immediate relationship with the local community. If your vision includes forming relationships with your regular customers, an independent establishment is a better fit.

No matter what path you take, give our team a call. We’d love to help you launch your new restaurant. See you at the grand opening!