Creating a Strong Management Plan

What is the experience of the Management Team?

  • Restaurant and bar industry experience
  • Business Management experience
  • TIPs or ATAP training
  • Continued training

How will scheduling be handled to ensure that qualified managers are working at each shift?  What is the back-up plan if the primary manager or owner is out sick or on vacation?

How will customers ID be checked?

  • What training do you have for your staff about checking IDs and detecting fraudulent documents?
  • Will you use a scanner?
  • Will you use licensed security guards?

How will entrances and exits be monitored to prevent entry and exit of patrons whose ID has not been verified?

  1. Lock doors
  2. Security cameras
  3. Alarm systems
  4. Unobstructed line of sight for bartenders or security guards

How is the premises designed to minimize aggressive behavior by drunk patrons? (Bar fight prevention).

How will noise be contained within the premises so it does not bother neighbors?

  • Prevention of loitering out front
  • Soundproofing the building
  • Restricted hours for patio/deck service (stop service at 9, 10, or 11 PM)
  • Keeping doors and windows closed, especially after 9 PM
  • No live music
  • Signs at the premises

How will these issues be prevented?

  • Litter outside the premises
  • Public urination or vomiting
  • Noise generated by people entering or exiting the premises
  • Excessive drinking
  • Fighting

Who is the targeted client group?

Is the business primarily about the sale of food or alcoholic beverages?  How is food consumption promoted to those drinking alcoholic beverages?

Is there any other business taking place at the premises? (e.g.:  sports activities, art classes, gambling, etc.).

Is supervision increased after 9 PM?  After midnight?