Your Days Are Numbered If You Don’t Accept Credit Cards

Some bar and restaurant owners are “old school.”  They still think that eateries are a cash business.  Not only is it easier to “hide” revenues from tax authorities if there are no written transaction records, the business avoids those obnoxious credit card fees.  Why lose 2-5% of a sale to a credit card processor?

If you are nodding in agreement as you read this, you are headed toward extinction.  Credit cards are here to stay, the same as the cell phone.  Like it or not, it’s reality.  If you don’t accept credit card payments, your customers will spend less and leave sooner.  Guarantied.  So, saving that average 3% credit card fee lost you 97% of the additional sales you could have made.  That math is a “no brainer.”

The trick is to use a cost-effective credit card processor.  You want the most service for the least cost.  Call or e-mail me and I’ll refer you to my own “best kept secret”, the company I use.  You’ll learn how to increase your bottom line and wonder why it took you so long to take the leap.  Even if you already accept credit cards, I encourage you to get a quote to see how much you can save with a competitively priced processor.  Eliminating the middleman and equipment rental fees will save you hundreds or thousands each year.