Wine Sale Statistics and What They Mean to Wineries:

Fact:  Wine shipment statistics show that 2012 was the year of the Red.  Three wine types accounted for more than half of the online and mail order wine shipments: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and red blends (cabernet Merlot and other blends).

What it means to you:  Put more emphasis on these reds in your wine club offerings to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Fact:  5 states have the most wine purchases (about 60%): California, New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida.

What is means to you:  These are the states where you should seek licenses to ship direct to consumers because they will have the best return on investment.

Fact:  The most sales occur in the 4th quarter of the calendar year.

What this means to you:  To keep on budget, focus your marketing dollars on late fall campaigns to attract year-end holiday sales.

Fact:  Small wineries account for more than 50% of national wine shipping, but only 5% of national production.

What this means to you:  If you are a small winery, you can’t afford to ignore online sales and wine clubs.  They will improve the bottom line.

Fact:  Sales increased most for highest and lowest priced wines, but sales are fairly proportionate among price categories overall.

What this means to you:  Promote your wines at all price points.

Any predictions for the 2013 statistics?  What trends are you seeing in your wine sales?